Webinaire PreciDIAB Initiative: “Introducing the industrial members”

Webinar PreciDIAB Initiative: Introducing some industrial members

Our webinar will be introducing some industrial members involved in PreciDIAB Initiative.
With an open innovation state of mind, the speakers will present their core activities and technologies and their interest in PreciDIAB Initiative.
Key words discussions: diabetes, quality of life of patients, implantable devices, microbiome, nutraceutical, intestinal contractions, partnerships, diabetes medicines, metabolic diseases, nutrition health, molecular diagnosis, sequencing & genotyping platforms.
Save the date, this webinar will be held on Tuesday 16th March 2021 from 11 am to 12 am
Invited Speakers :


  • Enterome: Christophe Bonny, Chief Scientific Officer and Rachel Morra, Business Developer and Alliance Manager
  • Defymed: Manuel Pires, Business Developer
  • Enterosys: Anne Abot, Chief Scientific Offier
  • Astra Zeneca: Richard Carayan, Medical Science Liaison and Flavie Faist, Therapeutic Area Manager 
  • Valbiotis: Pascal Sirvent, Chief Scientific Officer
  • GD Biotech / Gènes Diffusion : Rémi Malbec, Biotechnology Project Officer

This webinar is free of charge for PreciDIAB Initiative members.

We invite you to contact us: pdelavalle@eurasante.com or xmartinbenlloch@eurasante.com if you meet any problem to register or if you have any questions you would like to suggest to the speakers before the event.

Webinaire PreciDIAB Initiative: “Introducing the industrial members”